my momfilter interview

Hello there!

I’m pumped today because I get to share an interview that I did with Momfilter.

How did that happen, you ask?

About a month ago, my friend Hannah over at Sundry Mumsy suggested that I share some sandals from the Whoa, wait. Walmart? project with Momfilter for their Summer Sandals Series. I immediately emailed Momfilter to introduce myself and ask if they would like to share our favorite sandals. Within a week or two I received a reply from co-creator, Yolanda Edwards.  She was excited to share the sandals for their series, but also asked if they could interview me for their We Want to Know More About series. Completely shocked and flattered, I agreed (of course).

Yolanda emailed me the interview questions. I spent a week agonizing and analyzing answering the questions perfectly the first time and editing my answers. I emailed her my responses, along with some pictures, last Saturday. When I woke up this morning, I had an email from her saying she published it this morning!

It was such a fun experience to work with Yolanda and Momfilter. I hope our paths continue to cross. If you haven’t read their blog before, check it out. (Even if you aren’t a mom.) They have great style advice, tips for the kitchen and travel, and beautiful pictures.

Have you been interviewed before? Did you fret over your answers or is it just me?

Happy hunting! xoxo